Is there such thing as “going on a diet”?

Most people think “diet” means changing the way you eat for a certain time span. They cut out carbs for 2 weeks, lose 10 lbs, then gain it all back plus more within 2 weeks. What’s going on here?

The truth is, there is no such thing as a short time diet. If you want to change and cut out those bad foods, you’re going to have to do it right. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. Ditch “diet” and welcome “lifestyle” into your vocabulary. There are plenty of changes you can make to better your life FOR GOOD, but going on a short-term diet is not one of them.

You’ll have to adapt to “Eating Clean“. In a nutshell (yum walnuts), eat organic and unprocessed foods. Don’t eat anything from a box that has a gigantic list of ingredients. Eating pure, natural foods will allow your body to flourish and you’ll never want to eat a processed donut again! Here is a list of recipes that include clean ingredients for your weeknights.

Eating Clean is a lifestyle change that will keep the weight off and make you feel great. Calling it a “lifestyle” instead of a “diet” really helps you stick to it because it’s a permanent, healthy change. Say goodbye to those torturous weeks of no sugar, no carb diets and allow yourself to reap the benefits of Eating Clean!


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3 responses to “Is there such thing as “going on a diet”?

  1. I love eating clean! I’ve been living like this for over a year now, and I tell people all the time that it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. And it’s my choice to be healthy, not a restriction to lose weight.

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